Monday, 11 June 2012

Scenic Stamping

I haven't done any scenic stamping in awhile so I thought I'd have another go.  All went well until I stamped the cat and got a double image!!!  But .... I thought, it looks like it could be the sun shining on it that gives that effect so then I didn't feel so bad, ha ha!

All the stamps apart from the cat are available from Lavinia Stamps.  And if you want to learn the art of scenic stamping which is usually done with a brayer (I did it with a sponge), then visit Lavinia's website because she shows you some great techniques plus you can buy DVDs on how to do it too.  And she sells some really lovely stamps.

The cat stamp I got free with Craft Stamper magazine.

Really I didn't have anything decent made up for today's post as I haven't had time for crafting lately. But this week, I'm hoping to get lots done.  I wish you could see how dark it is here in the UK right now.  Someone please turn the lights on!!!!  It is gloomy and rainy and I'm longing to go somewhere abroad where it is sunny and warm.

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Sarah said...

This is a fabulous card. I love the look of scenic stamping!

Sarah x

Andyc said...

Turned out brilliantly....3D effect! xxx