Thursday, 21 June 2012

Day out in Teignmouth

And so the day begins with blue skies, puffy clouds and sunny sunshine.  It looks a great day to be going to the seaside.

The train whizzes by some nice scenic English countryside.

These train journey pictures are not in any particular order.

Andy looking nautical :)

 A church I noticed while we sped past Exeter ....

And then the River Exe was in sight.  We sped past the seaside town of Exmouth which is at the east side of the estuary mouth and Dawlish Warren which is at the west, with it's long sand spit extending across ...


And then ... major excitement when we could see the sea from the train!!!!

And I haven't seen the sea for around 10 years so I was really excited.

We are almost at Teignmouth

Just arriving now

I feel like I'm looking out a cruise ship window

And here is Teignmouth....

I liked it a lot.  It's a pretty seaside town

Notice the BLUE skies ........... such a rarity for us this year (and it was a one off sunny day this week).

Well, the sea air made us ravenous.  So we headed for the Beachcomber cafe.  Andy chose a full vegetarian fry up.  Ooops chopped off the top of Andy's head!

 And very tasty it looked too

 And I had a panini with brie, bacon and cranberry sauce.  With some chips and a side salad.  Yummylicious!

Didn't manage to get a picture, but after our lunch, I'd left a few chips and bacon behind and a couple of ravenous seagulls swooped down onto the plate (scraping Andy's head in the process) and stole the rest of the food!  Would've been a great picture!

After lunch we got onto the pier to take even more pictures

And for Andy to fulfill his dream of becoming a deep sea diver


This was right at the far end of the pier overlooking the beautiful sea

 I like the seahorse railings

 So glad I didn't drop my phone :)

 And here is Andy and my shadows .... he's taking the picture and I'm waving

After the photo session at the pier, we developed another hungry appetite.  So it was back to the Beachcomber to check out the menu

Andy chose a delicious hot apple pie and clotted cream

And I chose a knickerbocker glory which wasn't a great idea because it was sooooo cold I had to put my coat on afterwards!

We were so full when we headed back to Teignmouth railway station.

We're on our way home 

The blue skies in the photos were on Tuesday and today it is Thursday and all we have today is grey skies and plenty of rain.  Not to mention the very cool temperatures of 14C.  It is midsummer's day today and holy crap it's frikkin freezing!!!!!!!

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Andyc said...

Another great write up and your pics reeeally set the scene.....and reminds me how full i was after all that food LOL xxx

Anonymous said...

How refreshing it all looks and sounds. I feel like I have been on a holiday just looking at those pictures and reading the story. A nice way to start my day. Thanks. Love Ady