Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Pass by Pooches and Miaowski

Quite often, when we are out and about, Andy and I spot cute dogs.  If we can we take a photo or two or even better, ask if it's okay if we can have a quick cuddle, that is just great.  And so you see me here with a very sweet Jack Russell puppy.

Ooooh I would have been happy to take this one home

This next one passed by and I didn't notice it till Andy pointed it out.  And even then I nearly missed it as it was so beautifully disguised as a handbag accessory

What does Miaowski think of all this pooch photography?

She doesn't mind, as long as she has her own photo opportunity in her furry minooooo


Pinney said...

That chihuahua is so cute I can't stand it. The JR puppy too, lucky you running into so many cuties.

What in the world is Miaowski in? I am very surprised she allows you to tuck her into a bag! She looks very cozy though.

Lizziski said...

Ha ha Miaowski is in her little furlined igloo called a Minoo x