Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Jack Russell Heaven

Who can resist a puppy?  Well I know I can't, and especially if it's a Jack Russell, but unfortunately I have to resist.  My friend Bonnie and her husband came over with their litter of pups and oh how it melted my heart - not that it takes much to do that, when it comes to cute pups.

This one's nickname is 'Feisty' which I would keep if I could have him.   He's so soft and warm on my lap.

And he fits so well :)

Bonnie with another sweetheart

Sweet as anything

Another one held by Adrian

What beautiful markings he has.  I love that expression.

I would love to have one but as I have Miaowski I can't, just don't think she'd approve.  I'm trying to persuade Andy to have one but he is away a lot so maybe now isn't the time.  But one day .... who knows?


Dotty Jo said...

They are adorable - I'd love a dog but Mr Custard wouldn't approve any more than sweet Miss M would! Jo x

Pinney said...

I want all 5 and so does Hubbie. I have never seen JR puppies before, thanks for sharing these. Peanut would be so very unhappy if we got another Terrier so it's not just Cats that would not approve! Lucky you to have gotten to cuddle these little sweeties...

Kathryn Dyche Dechairo said...

Too cute, got to love puppies.