Monday, 24 October 2011

2 Terriers, 1 human

Andy volunteers for the Cinnamon Trust which is a national charity providing elderly people with help for their pets.  Here he is with 'Molly', a sweet Jack Russell who he takes for walks a couple of times a week.

She loves her biscuit after she has caught her ball and bought it back to Andy.  Or rather, she won't give up the ball until Andy gives her a biscuit - she ain't silly!  I tried taking photos of her tearing across the field after her ball but I never caught a good picture.

As you can see, she is a little on the chubby side so she needs her exercise.  Her owner has partial sight and is unable to take her out for walks.  So she's gained weight.

Okay a lot of these pictures are similar.... I just love that little dog waiting so patiently for her treat

And I wanted to get a good picture of her jumping up to get it

Waiting patiently .....

You might think with all that leaping about she'd lose the weight.  Her owner probably can't resist her sweet winning ways

She's a great little poser.  Ahh they make a great team :)

Now here is Andy taking my Mum's West Highland Terrier, Millie for a walk .....

Note she is well in front, eager for her walk in the park

Uh ohhhhh, Millie has suddenly dug her little paws into the concrete.  She's approaching Gwynne Lane - a little lane she doesn't want to walk through.

No she definitely does not like this lane.

She literally needs to be pulled through

She's through, but lagging well behind

Well behind ....  what's in that lane Millie?   Snakes?

Ooooooh relief, she is now in the park wiggling about on her back with joy.....

I love dogs they are soooo cute!


Andyc said...

What stories. What pictures. What write ups. In a word, brilliant! xxx

Anner said...

ah millie, she is so cute when she does her back wriggle