Thursday, 19 July 2012

Seahorse card with Gutsy and Greedy

Another seaside themed card using more clear stamps from Hero Arts.  First I sponged on Salty Ocean and Squeezed Lemonade distress inks, making sure I edged the card with more Salty Ocean to give a nice edge. Then I dropped water from a dropper to get some nice droplet effects.  The seahorse, starfish and little sea flowers (?) I stamped with Salty Ocean.  And then added black glossy accent for the seahorse's eye.

I love the seaside and would love to live there.  I hear it is a lot healthier to live by the sea than inland and O can well believe it.  Andy and I are taking a trip to Torquay next week so I will be showing pictures of our day out soon.

And now I want to show pictures of  'Gutsy' and 'Greedy' our beautiful fantail goldfish.  Although they are just goldfish they seem to have personalities and are quite the greediest little fish you ever did see.  They love eating just about anything I give them.  I feed them mainly fish pellets, bloodworms, peas, broccoli, cucumber and lettuce.

They've come a long way since I got them (August 2011). These two pictures were taken last year whereas the picture above was taken today.   See, they love their broccoli

I've noticed how much they've changed.  The gold coloured one is now totally gold whereas when I got him he was nearly all black with some gold bits as in this picture below.  

The calico fish is a lot bigger now and has a beautiful fantail

We walked up to Watermarque (an aquarium shop) on Sunday.  We saw some beautiful goldfish ...

These are all coldwater fancy goldfish and I love these so much.  Especially the high head Orandas and the little lionhead in the far right corner, sweet.

Oh well, that's enough about fish.  I haven't made any cards in awhile.  I'm just not in a creative mood at the moment.  It'll come back soon enough.

Thanks for stopping by ....