Monday, 9 July 2012

Just a Note

At last I'm back with a new card to show ....

I haven't been in a card making mood so haven't had a wealth of ideas.  But thought I'd have a go with the new summer seasonal distress inks Salty Ocean and Mown Lawn which I blended onto this card.  And then simply added 'Just a Note' label stamp by Hero Arts.  I added glossy accent onto the bird and heart to give it added pizzazz.

Meanwhile I've been playing with my new super phone the Samsung Galaxy 3 which I LOVE.  And more importantly, I LOVE the camera on it so have been taking a lot of pictures.  I took this picture of a fucshia in Andy's garden and was amazed at how well it came out.

And then who else did I take a picture of?

Why, of course, Miss Miaowski.  That little beauty, upstaging the freesias, like she does.  The light levels weren't great and I haven't learnt how to make adjustments for that yet so that's why it looks a bit subdued.  And Miaowski would like it to be known that she is anything but subdued ... infact while I was messing with the camera she tried smacking the camera out of my hand!

Andy and I had a lovely day in his garden and had lunch followed by these peaches.  These are 'donut' peaches and they are sweet, juicy and delicious.

And talking of delicious ... yes Andy :)

Also, did you notice the blue sky in the background?  Yes we had some sunshine .......... YES, SUNSHINE in England!!!!!! The first really pleasant day in DAYS!!!! Yes I know, don't pass out with the shock!!!!   It was gorgeous  And is it now the start of summer?  NOOOOOOOO .... because we are now forecast another week of COLD, rainy weather ...... 'sighhhhhhh'.  

Anyway I am not one for NOT taking advantage of sunny weather....

Well you have to don't you????

It wasn't all relaxation in the sun, someone had a leaky roof to fix....

While I carried on practising with my camera and took this picture of a bee on lavender

Okay, that's enough pictures for now.

I will be back with another card some time this week.  I have one already made but it's just knowing when I'm going to get the time on my computer.

Thanks for stopping by ...


Sarah said...

Fab card Lizzi love the new seasonal distress ink colours! You're new phone takes great photos. You're cat looks quite a bit like my own cat Amber.

Sarah x

Anonymous said...

Love your Blog, made my day start with a smile today, especially the very beautiful Miss keep blogging love Gillx