Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Our day in Bath

And so our day at Bath begins on the train at Taunton and I'm really excited.

Andy in his Sri Lankan t-shirt.  We're going to have a great day.  Leaving Taunton and we're on our way.

At Bath and I just love all the historic buildings.

Bath Abbey Cathedral and you can read about it here

This is me with one of King Bladud's pig's.  These pigs were scattered throughout Bath in 2008 as part of an art event.  The pigs were sold all after.  But this one remains and is called 'Waterloo' and was sponsored by Wessex Water.   I like the way it matched my vest.  The rest of the pigs are here

And here is gorgeous Andy looking handsome as per :)

These pictures aren't necessarily well taken but I was in tourist mode and kept snapping away with my phone camera.

I particularly liked this tree which was surrounded by buildings ... I guess you had to be there to appreciate how beautiful it was

Here is a picture of the famous Bath Pump Rooms - Regarded as the social heart of Bath for more than two centuries, the Pump Room is a striking neo-classical salon where hot Spa water is drawn for drinking.  It's now a restuarant.  Whether people still take the waters there, I don't know. 

This is where Andy and I sat and had lunch which consisted of 'Heidi Pie', a yummy pie filled with goat's cheese, butternut squash and, I think spinach.  I forgot to take a photo of the food.

But we did get a couple of Australian tourists to take a picture of us with our cakes!!!!!  Gorgeous picture of Andy but not sure what is happening with my face!!!!  Yes the cakes were delish, Andy had carrot cake and I had Lumberjack cake (with apple, dates and a coconut top).

Despite the evidence of cake, I think I look thinner in this picture :)

No real reason for this next picture apart from I liked the grasses sticking out of the hanging baskets :)

As it's the Queen's Jubilee next weekend, the whole of Britain is covered with Union Jacks and bunting and every now and again shop windows are displaying Royal memorabilia including gorgeous cutout Corgis.

More bits of Bath .....

On our way back home.  And what a lovely day it was.  We will always remember our lovely day in Bath.


Nepal Nomad said...

Love the photos, love your blog! It looks like a perfect day out x

Andyc said...

It was! What a write up too.....entertaining and educational. We had such a cool day together....bring it on! xxx