Thursday, 13 January 2011

Divine Recline

Well, to begin with I was pleased with this gorgeous greyhound because to begin with I managed to get the body shape half right. But after I'd done the eyes and hadn't captured them properly, I went off this drawing. And what's with the atrophied shoulder??? I know I'm hard on myself with my drawings, but I'll never get better if I don't see the mistakes.

The main thing I'm happy with is the ears. Love those floppy ears, so sweet. And I'm happy with the way I captured him languorously reclining on the sofa. The patch on his bottom is bad shading, where it should be showing darker fur. I work hard on a drawing and then give up when it's not going right.

I recently discovered some amazing art work by Cecil Aldin, a British artist and illustrator best known for his paintings and sketches of animals, sports and rural life.. He draws dogs really well, I love his work. Would love to get nearly as good as him.

Thanks for stopping by. Check by now and again to see if I improve any time soon :) xx


Anonymous said...

I like his paddy little feet. I think this is a neglected highlight.