Tuesday, 23 March 2010

More fish in the bowl

This time the fish are smaller and are from a set I bought a few years ago, in the days when I didn't have a blog and didn't think I needed to remember where I got my stamps from. I think I prefer the version I did yesterday but that's the nice thing about that little fish bowl, you can change it every time. It did occur to me that the plants behind the bowl would show through the bowl but decided not to try and colour them. Sometimes reality isn't always necessary in card making :). All the other stamps apart from the fish and starfish are from Hero Arts.

And so I promised my little fish they would get a bit of a look in on my blog and here they are. They have been misbehaving quite a bit lately what with eating their siblings and all sorts of unmentionable behaviour.
I love their vibrant colours, they are so pretty. Especially that male swordtail with his beautiful long tail. Shame they don't stay still for good photos. Every time I tried getting a good picture, they would swim out of shot.
But luckily this beautiful bright orange one swam into shot so I could capture that gorgeous colour.
Today I'm going to be working on some Easter cards. So hopefully I'll have something to show tomorrow